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The services I provide are building design (low rise), planning consultancy, and landscape design.

Building Design
I am licenced to
prepare plans and specifications for class 1 and class 10 buildings,  and prepare plans and specifications for classes 2 to 9 buildings not exceeding 2000m2 gross floor area, but not including Type A and Type B construction (requiring complex fire precautions).

At the present time, I am mostly occupied in Town Planning activities, and am limiting the amount of residential design work I take on. 

I undertake most forms of application requiring the approval of local councils such as reconfiguration, material change of use and matters requiring approval under the provisions of planning schemes, such as character residential compliance, and issues involving siting that does not comply with the Queensland Development Code.

I can advise on situations where building and planning disputes have resulted in "Show Cause" demands and Enforcement Notices.
I can provide advice and preparation of submissions and representation at the Building and Development Development Tribunals, and the Planning & Environment Court. 

With assistance from an associate I will prepare landscaping plans that are requied as a condition of development.

I can undertake the task of re-drawing hand-drawn or printed plans that are no longer acceptable for lodgements, and can assist with tasks that are suitable for "scan to cad" processing by other contractors.

Professional Qualifications and Experience
BA Law / Economics - London
Graduate Diploma Town Planning - Oxford Brookes
Cert IV Small Business Management  - Building Design - Qld
HIA Accredited ‘GreenSmart’ Professional

I have 53 years of experience, spanning town planning, urban design, architecture, quantity surveying, estimating, and tertiary teaching.
I have been individually responsible, or a member of the design team, for design and construction projects that have won state, national and international awards.