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Miscellaneous items
Documents, other software, calculators etc

Acoustic calculator         excel spreadsheet for estimating inverse square law
Acoustics help page         pdf on acoustics and use of the calculator
Drainage                         A4 pdf on how to handle drainage on urban residential boundaries
Sight Lines                      A3 pdf required sight lines on road junctions, corner truncations etc
Slope calculator               excel spreadsheet with illustrations, for calculating slope and angle given rise and run distances
Sunpath                                 zip file containing DOS program and user guide for calculating the position of the sun (angle and bearing)
                                      for any location on the globe.
Corner rule, ceiling height  A3 pdf covering ceiling height rules, how to calculate corner truncation rule
Standard terms                some details and caveats regarding my consultancy services

Seamounts and pumice    about ...

Elan Valley Study             pdf of Joy Clark's Material Anthropology thesis, 81MB, 210 pages
9 pointed star                   gold embossed image
Book of T                         cd or iso available for reproducing the progressed Tarot

Opinions on The Voice      From IPA, lawyers, myself

The Voice and Empire 2    Stephany Cashman's paper on Empire 2 recolonisation

    The Misinformation and Disinformation Bill 2023 (Federal - proposed)