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Elsewhere on this website I have discussed the utterly false religion of climate change and its disastrous effect on the prosperity of humankind, and I have characterised this as the biggest criminal scam that has ever been inflicted on the human race.

There may be a new candidate for this status; the now obviously intentional 'gain of function' development of a virus into the Covid-19 virus, by the military-controlled Wuhan Institute of Virology, enabled, and financed, by the US government health and "defence" agencies.  This has been followed by a world-wide campaign to force the entire world to submit to mRNA vaccines and the 'spike protein' boosters. These vaccines have been released under the false premise that there are no alternative anti-virals that can deal with the virus.

Here in Australia people have been ordered to have the vaccines and boosters, which is a breach of International Law, the Nuremberg Code, that has been signed by Australia. The health authorities have also ordered physicians to carry out this order on pain of loosing their licences to practice, but some brave ones have defied this, such as Dr Melissa McCann at Whitsunday Qld.

It is now apparent from studies by actuaries (risk assessors), medical researchers, and the vaccine manufacturers themselves, that the vaccines and boosters do not prevent or deter infection by the current strains of the virus, do not and prevent, rather encourage, infection of others, damage natural immunity and other serious damage such that the vaccines are permanently maiming and killing more people than the virus itself.

The relaxation of testing requirements and the granting of indemnity to vaccine producers is unlawful, for the simple reason that there are a number of existing anti-virals that are effective against Covid-19: hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, budesonide, quercetin and several others. There are now some 39 countries in the world that are (quietly) protecting their populations with ivermectine, incuding Indonesia, Brazil, Japan, Phillipines. Roughly 27% of the world population.

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