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Design for Climate
Climate-responsive design in the tropics

Designing for Climate (Building and Urban Design in the Tropics) PDF file.

This document gathers together basic CRD information, climatic research, and experience. It began as course notes for my teaching work at the PNG University of Technology Department of Architecture in the 1980s, and has been updated on a regular basis. Some of the material in this document formed part of award-winning planning scheme policies at the former Thuringowa City Council, and one element continues as a policy on residential lot design in the 2014 planning scheme for the expanded city of Townsville.

There was a time when I was widely regarded as the leading expert on climate-responsive design, but the situation has changed. All new dwellings and other buildings must now meet energy efficiency standards that have progressively become more demanding. It is becoming more difficult to design a building to be climate-responsive and also be able to be sealed up so as not to render air-conditioning inefficient.
Australia used to have cheap and reliable power generation, but the continuing madness of climate change alarm has resulted in the cost of electricity going higher and higher. Australia cannot run on solar panels and wind turbines. A time is rapidly approaching when blackouts will start to occur and could become long-lasting, so the priorities now are defence and survival.