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The purpose of this page is to provide a repository for documents, links and other materials for designers. 

Sun Position Calculator. Copy of my "Sunpath" program (zip file).
Provides Sun position for daylight hours on 22nd of the month for 12 months. Useful for designing shading devices and the like.
This is compiled VB for DOS, and will run on anything capable of running the Dosbox emulator. My program is long past its use-by date;
the same site specific information is now easily obtained from the website, that produced this image:


Sunpath notes. Readme file for Sunpath.

Geoscience Australia Magnetic North calculation.
Acoustic Calculator. Written in Javascript - calculates attenuation of sound with distance.

Acoustics notes. Guide to using the acoustic calculator, together with typical values, EPA requirements etc.
Slope Calculator. Calculates percent from rise / run, percent from degrees.
Advice. Collection of drawings - corner truncations, sight lines, QDC '9m Rule', floor to ceiling heights, drainage.