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Energy Efficiency Assessment by Brad & Partners.

Lawn mowers and similar in North Queensland, contact Paul & Ann, 
0449 216 840, 41a Thirteenth Avenue Home Hill

Recommended Books

"The Townsville House" by Townsville architect Felix Riedweg. Excellent but inexpensive resource for the design of houses in the Townsville region. ISBN 0-646-4335-4, or purchase direct via

"The Life and Death of the Australian Backyard" by Tony Hall, Adjunct Professor, Urban Research Program, Griffith University. Examines the disappearance of the traditional substantial Australian backyard, and discusses the health, wellbeing and ecological implications of this trend. CSIRO Publishing, ISBN 9780643098169. (I get a credit in the book.)

"Climate: The Counter Consensus" by Professor Robert Carter, James Cook University NQ. ISBN: 978 1 906768 294.  As someone who has experience of statistical modelling, I have long been a sceptic concerning anthropogenic global warming,  and the deterministic models that are claimed to demonstrate it. This book confirms my scepticism. I believe that AGW may well turn out to be the greatest scam ever perpetrated on the human race.