Climate Alarmism
eg alleged global warming, human-induced climate change, extreme weather etc.

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None of my professional experience or study over the past 45 years leads me to consider that the current climate alarmist creed has any basis in reality. It is a matter of great regret that around one billion dollars a day is being spent world-wide on this non-existent problem. A great deal could be achieved if this amount could be diverted to solving some of the real problems of the world.

I don't have the time or inclination to set up a personal "blog". What I think, and links I recommend, will be available here.

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Recommended  links:

Watts up with that
Anthony Watts site. US based. Vast repository of information, huge number of posts and comments from around the world.

Jo Nova
Joanne Nova's is the most active site that is Australia-based. Again, vast repository of information, huge number of posts and comments from around the world.

Not a large comment base, but often the first place where new papers are referenced.

The Carbon Sense Coalition
Queensland based, Chairman Viv Forbes at Rosewood. 

Four is enough. These also have links to many other sites with a substantial amount of information.
Anyone inclined to skepticism with regard the anthropogenic global warming, [anthropogenic] climate change, [alleged unprecedented] extreme weather, carbon [dioxide] taxes and trading, is probably already aware of these links.

If you are a newcomer to doubt on this subject, you have a lot of reading to do :-)

Jo Nova's start here page  is one of the best places to begin.

A brief explanation of where I stand on this matter - pdf file.