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This web page has existed since around 1992, eg before the "Internet" as such existed for most people. It was hosted on a server at James Cook University to provide an on-line resource for my Construction Management course notes at the (then) Department of Civil and Systems Engineering. It was accessible over AARNet (Australian Academic Research Network). It has moved a number of times since then.

To my surprise, the site began to be accessed from all over the world, and locally became a source of commissions and income. When Google came into existence in 1997, if someone typed the words building urban design tropics into Google, this site would come up first. Even these days, with wannabies buying
search engine optimisation services and actually paying for preferential placement, this site still comes up on page 2 or 3. 

The black background was highly desirable in the days of CRT screens. Black on CRT = guns off, no static build-up making your hair stand on end.

Although this site contains some Javascript and software, I doubt if my skills in web page coding have progressed much beyond HTML1, and for these pages, I have been at the mercy of MS Expression Web 4 and KomoZer. If you find any errors, please let me know.


Martin Clark